Day 22: Disappointment

pickaxeEverything was going really well until we had a Minecraft crisis.

I was on top of things, with no tree and no baking and no expectations. We got invited to some parties and went, and I have presents, but everything else I’ve just Grinched my way through (mmmm, garlic) and it’s all been almost pleasant. Until my younger son suddenly decided that he wanted to start playing Minecraft. Today.

(Cue “Working in theĀ Coal Mine“)

Yes, I know every other kid has been playing Minecraft forever. Neither of mine wanted to (they played different video games). I thought it was odd, but it was actually kind of nice not to be tied to a game that everyone else’s kid was obsessed with. But then for reasons unknown, the 9.5-year-old was suddenly seized with the need to start playing asap. And the only devices we have that can run the gameĀ are my computer or my phone, neither of which I can give over to him for the time he needs to play.

We’re at an impasse, and none of the solutions are satisfactory (I buy a new device for him to play on, he accepts not playing, I let him play on one of my devices). And everyone’s in a bad mood now.

Sometimes life is just disappointing. Whether you’re 9.5 or 41 5/6. Sometimes there’s no good way to fix things. Sometimes you wish you could just make someone not need as much from you. Or make yourself not need as much from yourself or anyone else. Sometimes you think you’d almost have been there, almost could have been good enough, but then the expectations changed and now you’re nowhere near success. Again.

I would like to tie this up with a bow by giving you something that made it all ok. Something that makes it not disappointing or that makes you good enough again without changed expectations. But I don’t have an answer. All I have is an “I know how you feel.”


Everyone who’s disappointed. Everyone who’s a disappointment.


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