December 25: Come and Rest by the Fire

And so it is Christmas. 

Maybe you are surrounded by loved ones and they give you emotional strength. That’s great.

Maybe you are surrounded by loved ones and they’re sapping every ounce of your emotional strength. That’s tough, but it’s okay if you feel that way.

Maybe you’re alone, and that’s difficult for you. You will get through this.

Or maybe you’re alone and you’re glad to be alone. That’s okay.

Maybe you miss somebody right now, and all the festivity of Christmas amplifies your grief. I’m sorry. The world makes no sense.

Maybe you’ve discovered that you love Christmas. Or maybe you truly hate Christmas with a passion that burns deep in your soul. Maybe you like some things about Christmas and hate others. However you feel is okay.

Wherever you are, whoever you’re with, however you feel, I invite you take a moment and rest by the fire.

Put aside your feelings, and your feelings about your feelings, and just sit by the fire. Feel the warmth. Hear the crackling. Stare at the brilliant glow. Be in the present.

Peace to you all this Christmas.


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