December 26: On the second day of Christmas…

It’s the day after Christmas, so in theory we should be all:

Safe for another 364 days, right? Except that a) some of us are still in the middle of a situation that’s only making the depression feel worse and we won’t be out of it for another day or few, and b) we’re heading right on into New Year’s Eve, aka Adult Prom.

NYE is the all-hat-no-cattle of holidays, with high expectations for Fun and Deep Meaning. But in reality is just seems to make everyone (even the normals) feel weird.

So we’re digging in here at the Advent Calendar for Depressed People to get us all through to the official end of Christmas, including the great facade of NYE.

I do not know what will make you feel better right now. But I do know what won’t make you feel worse: drinking a glass of water. Go get some water, and drink it.

And now remember, we’re all good:

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