December 31: Countdown

This should be going through your head while you read this post:

New Year’s Eve is a total Hallmark holiday. I like to call it prom for adults, because there’s so much hype about having a perfect evening and making it all MEANINGFUL and launching yourself into a fantastic new year, the best year ever.

That’s all bullshit. New Year’s Eve is a day just like any other day, and it’s a night just like any other night. On any given night, someone’s really happy and someone’s really sad. Someone’s vowing to make a new start. Someone’s going on a diet. Someone’s going to learn to knit or code or make bone broth. Someone’s going to break up with the person they’ve been with just because they were afraid to be alone, but don’t really love. Someone’s trying to figure out what it all means.

You are going to wake up tomorrow morning whether you’re with friends tonight or alone, out somewhere “doing something” or at home watching Ryan Seacrest, making it meaningful or just wishing it would go away.

And you are going to be the same person you are tomorrow that you are right now. The same flawed but essentially good person you are right now. There is nothing in you that’s so broken that you can’t get help to fix it. There is nothing attacking you that is so fierce that you can’t get help to fend off the attack. There is nothing that destroys the essential you smashed deep down under those layers of depression and disappointment and shit. You are not ruined.

ThereĀ is only one thing I know for sure will make your life better in 2015 if you start doing it every day. And that’s drinking more water. However much you’re drinking now, add in another glass or two every day. You might feel “results” or you might not. To me, the important thing about drinking water is that it shows care for your own body. You deserve care. You need care. You are worth it. Today and tomorrow and every day.

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