January 3: Be still

2015-01-03 16.35.23It’s cold and rainy and grey and I’m ready for things to go back to normal.

One of my friends posted on FB this morning asking if anyone else was ready for Monday, and got a flurry of “Oh, no! I’m loving having my kids home!” responses. Which is great for them. I love having my kids home, especially since they were with their dad through a lot of this break. I sighed when I read those responses, though.

It’s just been Too Much for Too Long. Too much food and drinking and enforced cheer. Too much being off my schedule, and getting nothing done.

Too many self-improvement vows.

Too much goal-setting and forcing outcomes.

Not enough just listening and being still.

My regular routine has a lot of space for listening and being still. I’m ready for that again. Maybe you are, too.

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