Stuck in the middle with you

One of the things that’s happened to me (Magda) as a result of writing this advent calendar last year is that I’m now super-aware of the fact that anyone else I see over the course of my day could be depressed, too. It’s almost a club of the cool kids, no? Those of us dragging ourselves through the day feeling utterly inadequate at any given moment?

Shannon and I are meeting in person to do something on Friday and Saturday, and I know people who see us or the inevitable selfies we take together will think we’re two normal, happy women eating hot dogs and looking at Midcentury Modern design. But the people who know we’re depressed will know the truth, that we’re living around our depression, creating meaning and connection DESPITE.

You know that Katharine Hepburn quote from The African Queen? When the captain of the Queen Louise tells her that what she’s just done is impossible and she responds “Nevertheless”? That’s us. Shannon and me, and you and me, and you and me and everyone walking around taking painful tired breaths to get through the day (or at home in bed because the weight was too heavy today). We shouldn’t be living lives of gorgeous chaotic love, but we are. Nevertheless.


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