Nothing ventured and nothing gained

This week feels like suspended time to me. Not close enough to Christmas to feel like I have to rush to get everything done, but not far enough away to think of much else besides Christmas. It almost feels like a waste of time, like there isn’t anything that actually can be done this week except think about how far away from Christmas Day we still are.

And I don’t have much of anything else today, and certainly nothing brilliant or insightful. I’ve been feeling sick since I woke up this morning and am going to bed early, having done nothing much except just showing up.

If you’re having a day or a week or a few weeks like that, when you are feeling like you’re contributing bupkis, know that a) you’re not the only one, and b) it’ll pass. Maybe just go take a nap, and when you wake up things will look a little different and you might have more to say.



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