And So This is Christmas

This is it. This Big One is here.

Maybe you love it or maybe you hate it. Maybe you’re exhausted and/or wondering how you’ll make it through. Maybe there are people you can’t wait to see, and others with whom you know you’ll spend the whole day biting your tongue and walking on eggshells.

But for better or for worse, This is Christmas.

First of all, I want to take a moment to congratulate you on making it through Pre-Christmas. In a society where the Christmas season now starts on approximately October 15, it’s a long haul just to get to the actual holiday itself. You made it through the office parties and the tedious conversations, the traffic and the wrapping and the battle with the decorations that didn’t fare well during their year in the garage. You survived “Santa Baby” and that weird Dean Martin version of Rudolph where he refers to “Rudy the Red-Beaked Reindeer.” (Seriously, reindeer are mammals. Mammals have noses. Birds have beaks.)

And you made it through the dread and anticipation, which in my experience are usually worse than the holiday itself.

So I want you to know that today and tomorrow you will be fine. You will make it through. Even if you have to retreat to the bathroom for some alone time before you cause That Incident that people will be talking about for Christmases to come.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day comprise, at most, 48 hours. That’s a very small percentage of your life.

You will make it through. December 26 will come.

And I love you.

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