The candle of love is lit on the second week of Advent.

So let’s talk about love. I don’t want to talk about romanic love. You can read a book or watch a Tom Hanks-Meg Ryan movie about that kind of love. (Or whatever today’s modern Hanks-Ryan equivalents are. I really need to update my references.)

Instead, I want to talk about love as a general force. To again reference the wonderful To Write Love on Her Arms:








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It’s important to remember that there is so much more love in the world than hate. It’s important to remember this┬áduring the holiday season, or when you’re depressed. It’s important to remember the power of love after a national tragedy, or, say, hypothetically, a crushing national travesty of an election.

There is still more love than hate.

Of course, it’s easy to get fooled into thinking that hate is more prevalent. There are a lot of hateful acts in the news. And sometimes it feels like the haters have so much power (for example, as the president-elect of an entire country).

But since November 9, so many people have stepped up to help charities. Or to express support for those in the community who feel threatened. Groups have come together to take action and use grassroots activism to stop haters from gaining power. I guarantee you, there are more people fighting hate than perpetrating it.

No, I’m not trying to minimize the prevalence of hate. Somehow we elected a hater as president. Somehow he’s appointing other haters to his team. And somehow the slimy, everyday haters crawled out from under their rocks and saw the election results as some sort of permission to act like total assholes.

But the beautiful thing that happens after any tragedy, and I do consider Trump’s election a tragedy, is that an army of love steps up to help. Look at the thousands of people who donated blood after the Pulse nightclub shooting. Look at all the money that gets donated to charities after every single natural disaster. Look at the children who sent snowflakes to decorate Sandy Hook Elementary when the students returned to school.

Look at all the love that surrounds you. Look at your family and friends, and even total strangers who are just being decent human beings. Look around. You’ll see love.

With just a little bit more love,




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