What’s a normal day anymore?

I was busy all day today, doing life and work stuff. It was really weird.

It feels like the New Normal since November 9 has been panic and anxiety on top of my normal depression and anxiety, so it’s been a long time since I was busy enough to not be freaked out for more than five minutes.

Today I sent emails and read up on some procedures and spread some information for the resistance, and then I did work and life stuff and got so busy I actually forgot that things are horrible for almost an hour at a time.

It was kind of amazing. To only be depressed and my normal self.

I hate to say this, but this horrific election has made me a better person already. And part of that is sorting out a hierarchy of anger and terror. I think it’s shifted my whole happy face pain scale. It’s weird, after an entire lifetime of feeling bad, to realize that feeling bad might not be quite as bad anymore.

Weird. (And if you have any energy to spare, I could use good wishes or prayers for two big projects to work out.)

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